Recently in Ms Tytania’s East London Shibari Studio… a lucky boy subjected to predicament rope bondage! Secure in the hands of a talenteded bondage Domme for a long Shibari session. Long sessions are his slut’s weakness and it didn’t take him long to take off… Into a new dimension where Mistress’ expert bondage skills freed his soul and mind. After stretching his endurance and his balls with a thinner string, Mistress Tytania put her ceiling bondage rigging to good use. To her astonishment, he floated suspended from her bamboo pole for more than 25 minutes. How long she can a man be suspend for? She gets this question very often, but there is no answer to that. Each body, and each fetishist’s mind, works differently – some eager subs hardly last a few seconds! While others can just float away mentally and stay roped until Ms Tytania decides.
Among other accutrements of a Domme’s trade, Ms Tytania’s studio boasts a Japanese suspension pole and steel ceiling attachments. She’s been practising her skills on eager subjects for more than 20 years in her E14 Studio. You don’t have to be experienced  – many have fallen for the spell of Shibari after just one session. She prefers rope to any other forms of physical shackling. Everything you can do with steel and leather bondage, she can do with Japanese Kinbaku/Shibari. Of course, this form of bondage takes longer than just fastening some straps or padlocks. The focus is in the process of being enveloped and slowlym deliberately, securely. It’s a very special, unique form of submission: a true ritual for your Domme’s pleasure.
Predicament rope bondage is perhaps one of the most popular requests she gets from rope fans. A good overhead ceiling rigging, like her shibari bamboo pole, offer the perfect support for a good pull. Either standing on tiptoes while the attachments pull upwards, or awkwardly tied up in genital cbt… Mistress Tytania’s Shibari skills take her rope fetishists to a new dimension of mental submission. The right mix of challenge, pain and pleasure. Ready to apply for a predicament rope bondage with one of the premier Shibari Dommes?
If you’re tempted – you can fly into Planet Shibari too, apply for a hogtie, predicament or suspension rope bondage session in Mistress Tytania’s East London kink studio. But first, read her Shibari Domina Extraordinaire blog entries for more details.
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Revolutionary Femdom Tax


Is a full kidnapping perhaps too scary, too dear for your tight fisted male arse? How about 2 hours BEING STALKED by a fearless, cunning female dominant in the streets? Let’s play Femdom Hide And Seek. We’ve got our eyes on you: attend the rendezvous and pay the Revolutionary Femdom Tax. But finding us is the fun bit… follow our directions using  Global Positioning System(GPS) receiver on your mobile phone and let’s play Femdom Hide And Seek.

2 hours geo-caching style manhunt, street stalking and ransom payment: £600 (deposit required).

Femdom Manhunt Mission: Stalked for the Revolutionary Femdom Tax: This is what we did to a male specimen like you. You can be our next prey in the streets of London.

How does this work? As part of her exciting UNDERGROUND domination, Ms Tytania has designed a new Femdom game: the spy/double agent rendezvous story, reimagined for Femdom. Wait for Ms Tytania to decide on the place, after agreeing on the time and date… be there and wait for the adrenaline to rush… she will follow you down the streets, while sending direction on your phone. Be ready for google Maps, sms instructions & much, mush stalking and confusion, till she decides it’s time to strike and pounce on you to demand the Revolutionary Femdom Tax.

You will meet us several times: perhaps in a cafe, where our agent is inconspicuously enjoying a latte and a book, to pass orders; in a quiet alley, she may be waiting for you, to give you instructions in an envelope… Excited yet?

All you need is a smart phone and google Maps, and the UC-SC‘s Revolutionary Femdom Tax ready to be handed in an envelope in your pocket. Be summoned at a previously agreed location within London; wait for instructions, directions and orders to reach you via sms or Whatsapp. Follow the map; follow instructions; retrieve the objects hidden for you at different locations, nooks and crannies… wonder when and where and how, your Femdom Tax Agent will appear, undetected, and demand your ransom money. Expect red herrings and decoys. Be confused, but still feel compelled to obey: you shall know what’s like to be chased like prey by a dominant woman. Be male prey to a the Femocracy. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, she’ll appear from nowhere in a dark alley. Pay promptly and she’ll instruct you back into the real world. Like previous specimens, you may need a stiff drink after the experience!

£200 per hour. Deposit required. Full ransom paid on location and at our agent’s discretion.


Submission in Red: hogtie in rope bondage by Mistress

This was one memorable suspension & hogtie rope bondage session in Mistress’ expert bondage. I’ve rarely seen a man surrender so deeply into subspace, specially on a first time as a rope object. He submitted to my expert, erotic japanese rope bondage almost instantly. A hogtie can be a magical way to start a session.

Days later, he contacted me very contrite to cancel a second session we’d scheduled. He reckons the he could never lesion again. He was afraid the his passion for bondage would change his view of relationships,  life, and the universe. Well, I guess that one can never underestimate the power of good hogties and rope bondage! Mistress took the as a compliment, of course.
But it was a shame, because I’ve rarely seen a man decent into complete, malleable, blissful subspace, so deeply. It all started with a hogtie – but everybody loves them. Then some suspension rope bondage  to test his stamina, and his commitment to Mistress. Yes, I can see how the can change your life: learning the art of hogties & Japanese rope bondage changed my life as a Mistress.

If you’d like to see more of art, you can start from this page: Ms Tytania – Shibari Domina Extraordinaire.

To book a hogtie and rope bondage session with Mistress, go to her Contact & Tribute page.

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hogtie rope bondage Mistress
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hogtie rope bondage Mistress
hogtie rope bondage Mistress
hogtie rope bondage Mistress
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hogtie rope bondage Mistress