Chelsea Cut / Shaved Head Fetish

Ms Tytania of London's chelsea cut and shaved head films compilation

Ms Tytania's trademark chelsea cut and (occasional) severe, short bob with a shaved nape, have featured or starred in a number of her films. This 80+ minute video compilation puts them together, for the pleasure and delight of her hair fetish and shaving and severe coiffured ladies' fans. Her fans have asked, and she's obliged with this exclusive digital download that you can now purchase, directly through her. More compilations will be added soon! Remastered for maximum quality.

Videos on this compilation:

  • Transformation - Chelsea cut and armour dress
  • Hairy Scary Butch Torn (Chelsea cut)
  • Transformation: Vintage Shorts & Chelsea cut.
  • UC-S Barber Fetish
  • Barberette Humiliation
  • Revolutionary Chelsea Cut
  • UC-SC: Librarian by Day
  • UC-SC Librarian: Reeducate Intelectual Male
  • Intellectual Male Rip Clothes
  • UC-SC Regulation Nape Shave.
  • Tytania / Hammerfist Nape Shave

80+ minute Digital download 

Prices on request. Email Ms Tytania for details.

Email Ms Tytania to order.

Barberette fetish action: genital shave of the unworthy male, head shaving, nape and chelsea cut buzz-cuts for Ms Tytnaia's trademark hair styles. With added electric clippers, vintage manual clippers and cutthroat razors!

Barberette fetish: genital shaving, haircuts, shaving.

  • Hairy Scary Butch Torn (Chelsea cut)
  • Against Tame femininity!
  • Revolutionary cock Shaving
  • UC-SC - Barber fetish and implements
  • Barberette Humilliation
  • Genial buzz shave
  • Genital Shave & Facesitting
  • Facesitting and nape buzzing

50 minute Digital download

Prices on request. Email Ms Tytania for details.

Email Ms Tytania to order.