“But Mistress Tytania, how did you do that??! – A fully hogtied male specimen, locked up inside a cage, and put in extended isolation” – A marvelled a fetish friend who saw these photos.


Yes, you’re seeing right: one of my Shibari Mistress skills is to hogtie my male objects inside a tight steel cage.  Extended hogtie cage isolation sessions are perhaps not what you wre expecting? Double incarceration and lock-in whammy: cages AND expert, inescapable rope bondage. This is many a subs’ locked up fetish prison dream. And certainly among my favourite ways of putting away an unruly male who needs some time inside! Cage incarceration and abandonment in a hogtie is one of my specialities. An extended hogtie cage isolation session in Ms Tytania’s Canary Wharf  Studio is a unique experience.
First I tie your torso and hands, then I slide you between bars, ready for  extended incarceration and isolation. The bottom part of the hogtie, legs and feet, are trussed up inside the cage.  Finally, I bolt the steel door. Doubly incarcerated in his extended hogtie cage isolation. First in rope, then behind steel bars. My satisfied prisoner then drifts away into subspace, while I go about my dommely chores.
A very naughty male sub who deserves some time alone, behind bars. He immediately got hooked to the being incarcerated in a cage, confined to abandonment in a tight hogtie. Since I psoted tese phjotos on Twitter for the first time, many fetish sluts ahve applied to surrender to this delightfully severe, but oddly trippy, form of  bondage.

Are you a rope bondage fan? My abnadonment sessions in a hjogtie or other forms of shibari are legendary!

Find out more about my extended and abandonment rope bondage sessions, on this link: Abandonment In Rope Page. Or, if you just can’t wait, book an appointment here.


extended hogtie cage isolation

abandonment incarceration cage rope
cage incarceration abandonment